A little bit about her

T Wells Brown was born at Maxwell Military Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Some of her earliest momories are of surviving hurricane Camille, waiting for water trucks, and crashing into trees while learning to ride her bike around the military base. Her mother moved the family to Atlanta, Georgia where she enjoyed a rich southern childhood of playing in creeks, discovering wasp nests, traipsing through poison ivy, and epic battles with snapping turtles. In her early teens, the family made one final move to California, to be closer to her maternal family where T Wells Brown continues to reside.

Growing up with avid readers, her own voracious appetite for reading blossomed. She has passed her love of reading onto the next two generations. Currently, T Wells Brown’s first 2 illustrated children’s books are in production for a Christmas 2019 release with Mrs. Claus, Annie The Nanny Dog and Jumpin’ Jake.

Books often ‘saved her life’ while growing up, and later while raising her children. Soaking in a hot tub, with a good book after a long day, allowed her not only the ability to escape into another world, but also ignore the banging and crying on the other side of the bathroom door.

At one point in her life, she needed a bodyguard and is when she met and ended up marrying The Love of Her Life. T Wells Brown and her husband reside in the middle of lush Zinfandel wine country, surrounded by 87 lovely wineries, ranging form boutique to mega. The couple enjoys living in a modest 1906 Victorian, they’ve painstakingly restored, while raising their 3 sons, and now, their 4 rescued fur babies.

T Wells Brown now wishes to take her love of reading into her newest phase of life but finds books targeting her demographic scarce. After all, if 50 is the new 30, then certainly there are many more, drama-filled, years left to explore and share, years filled with stories of family, sisterhood, friendships, love, loss, devastation, triumphs and most importantly; good wine.

We hope you will look for her works and visit her book series Women of Wine Country

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