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Sisters of Sin:

A sexy action-packed adventure thriller series: If you’d like to learn more about this series please visit Sistersofsinseries.com

Deadly. Beautiful. Rich. Sinful.

Assassins are the stuff of children’s games, until you grow up and realize the fairytales are all true.

Monsters do exist.

They come in the form of bad men doing very bad things, who go unchecked for their crimes against the innocent.

Until now.

My name is Catalina Willow, aka Vanity.

Two items you should know about me; I’m an elite assassin, and I like nice things.

Luckily, killing bad people pays very well. Life was going perfectly. I kept my head down, took my assignments, and I never ever looked back.

That is, until I’m asked to remove an influential head of state. Apparently, my assignment’s security team didn’t appreciate how good I was at my job and decided to hunt me down.

Commander Juan Carlos Cortez, was the baddest of the bad, and he was hot on my stiletto studded trail.

But I didn’t become one of the best assassins in my sisterhood by being soppy… or weak.

I decided it was time for a change and believed I’d outwitted him… until he arrived on the small tropical island where I happened to be executing my newest assignment.

I don’t believe in coincidences, so I took my wins, and hightailed it off the island.

Now, I’m on the run of my life … and enjoying every moment of it. 

Men. Sex. Sin.

We ruin the rules, and revel in it.

We are the Sisters of Sin.

Join me, as I dive into an elite assassin organization. One dedicated to bringing justice to the world, one kill at a time.

I am thrilled to introduce you to a group of women who fight for the right side of wrong, in the epic new femme fatale series; SISTERS OF SIN by USA Today and bestselling romantic suspense authors Sofia Aves, Terry Wells-Brown, D. A. Nelson, Michelle Ventura, S.C. Principale and LoLo Paige in one stunning series.

Earth Magic:

A Modern Fantasy Series:

An ancient witch in modern society… what could possibly go wrong?

No mercy would be shown this night.

The Last Witch closed her fingers around a bottle and, with the force of a hurricane, slammed it at her feet releasing the precious gravesite dirt. She stepped onto the ancient soil, ignoring the glass as she curled her toes into the glorious mess she’d made.

Now she had them.

She shifted once more, hoping to cover the exposed dirt with her long skirts, but quickly realized in her true form, her skirts no longer touched the floor.

The Last Witch smiled to herself.

“You fools! You think to attack me?”

“The time has come, crone,” a disembodied voice said from a murky mass swirling on the ceiling of the attic. A ball of the green putrid flame roared at her. She flipped it away with a flick of her wrist, but the stench it left behind rocked her.

“Crone? What crone do you see?” Why did dark magic have to smell so bad, she wondered and doubled over quickly to grab handfuls of the dirt. She straightened with purpose.

“Upon my flame, I bind ye. To the wind, I cast thee. Beneath the deepest hallow, I condemn ye. Never to rise again, shall thee! Foolish foul ghoul, you are beneath me!” She threw the dirt at the darkness and blew. Her breath carried the precious soil toward the ceiling, and it burst into brilliant blue flames.

Seconds later, four screaming creatures hurled themselves at the ceiling in hopes of escape.

Escape they would not find.

After wraiths attack Thornwood Manor, the Last Witch believes it’s time to awaken the witch souls who had been placed in a death slumber for centuries.

It’s now or never. After all, the witches are nearly extinct, save one last survivor.

The first soul awakes to red-eye shadow snakes, ancient lake monsters, and a frigid lightless knight.

All with one goal; stop the first of the Thirteen from making it to the safety of Thornwood manor.

Magic, wolf shifters, evildoers, and incredible witch power Cassandra has no idea how to use.

Will she be the first of the thirteen to make it to the safe haven of Thornwood Manor? Or will all be lost for the magic and human world forever?

Women of Wine Country:

Romantic Suspense with a little steam:  if you’d like to join the sisterhood or just want to check us out please visit Womenofwinecountry.com

“How can I go on?” Francesca De Angeleo asks herself while she watches her world burn around her.
When a California wildfire ravages her world, Francesca tries to make the best of things.
She has to. Her daughters need her to get her shit together if their family has any chance of surviving.
Being a contractor in a man’s world isn’t easy.
A jealous competitor on top of it all makes it even harder. Possibly deadly.
Enter Laird ‘The Scots’ Hamilton. A domineering Scotsman who has an uncontrollable desire to protect Francesca and her small wounded family. When Laird is asked to help find out who is trying to ruin Francesca he discovers more than he bargained for. Laird isn’t your typical hero. Some of the things he does leave Francesca unsure of his intentions.
Babies & Badass! It’s the happily (not so much) ever after for Cabe and Isabella in Murder & Mayhem.
What’s harder to handle? A couple of babies or a badass? The badass for sure!
Cabe promised Isabella he would take care of her, and that care included her heart. Can she ever trust him again?
I’ve got everything a girl needs in life – a business I love, a collection of faithful fur babies, and a loyal wine-tribe sisterhood. 
That is, until Dog-Man Marcus, strolls into my life and upsets everything. Domineering, and sexy as hell, he’s drawn me in. 
Suddenly, I have to deal with a stalker and a new man in my life! Trust has never been my strong point, and now I’ve given my heart to Marcus, I’m terrified he’ll destroy what little confidence I have in men.
Officer down!
Those two words loop over and over in my head, every-single-day since I found a sexy as heck man bleeding out on the side of the highway.
Not just any man.
Oh no, of course not. It had to be a Big Strong Sexy Alpha Man; my kryptonite. It gets worse when he figures out how attracted I am to him and uses it to his advantage.
Never trust a man who doesn’t play fair.
Saving his life changed everything in mine. And not for the good.
Now, I’m on the run. I never dreamed, in all my boring days, I’d find myself running from the Russian Mafia! How the heck did I end up here?
All I can say is that Big Strong Sexy Alpha Man better figure it out, and fast! Because these men mean business!
Bad business.
I might be a small-town girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know right from wrong.
The tribe of strong women that is surrounding me is right. Might be the only right in my life, at the moment.
Tying my bitch ass momma to a pole is downright wrong.
Killing my aunt and uncle is even more wrong.
But leaving me as an inheritance to the insufferable Cabe Brown was the most wrong of all.
Now, I have to keep my aunt’s baking legacy alive, my uncle’s winery from going under, and deal with bossy but gorgeous
Cabe Brown is the most annoying man in the entire world. Yes, that’s right… The Entire World!
Jumpin’ Jezebels the man makes me crazy.
Tell me why I can’t stop feeding him?
Why do his moans when he eats my cooking make me blush?
Why does he growl at his men when they flirt with me?
And for all that is holy, tell me why I can’t stop my eyes from wandering to his backside every dang time he struts out of my kitchen!
This man will be the end of me.
But oh, what an ending!