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Sometimes a gal just needs a couple of days to herself.

Was that too much to ask? No?

I didn’t think so either. So, I did the unthinkable, took those days, and headed up to my favorite hideaway in the mountains.

Blue skies and sparkling waterfalls. Just what the doctor ordered. Everything was going fine until he appeared in my rearview mirror.

A Dark Knight riding a black beast and hot on my tail. But was he a true Dark Knight? With my luck? Probably not.

Unfortunately for me, people are rarely what they seem. He just may be the very thing I needed to escape from. Also, he was one of the largest men I’d ever seen and was riding the biggest motorcycle on the road.

Have Mercy.

I was assaulted, then auctioned off like a piece of furniture, until I escaped.

I thought I was in the all-clear until they found me.

Who are they you might ask? Who were these evil people that would inflict such a heinous act upon a young woman?

My family. 

These awful people were my blood. 

Power-hungry men who thought they had the right to decide the fate of those who were unlucky enough to be born to them.

Now they’ve burned my hard-earned world to the ground and summoned me home. 

I hope they know what they asked for. I’m not coming back the same small girl I was when I left. I’m a fully grown woman and I’m madder than hell. 


Dangerous, untamed, wild, sinful.


Assassins live in the dark, keeping to the shadows, …until we come for our mark.

The Sisters of Sin.

Women once lost, now found, with a purpose thanks to the biggest sinner of them all.

Mother, the devil on our shoulder.

She is our rock, our mentor.

She directs the kills.

Men. Sex. Sin. 

We ruin the rules, and we revel in it. 

We became the Sisters of Sin. 

Meet a group of women who fight for the right side of wrong. 

Vanity. Greed. Pride.  Jealousy. Lust. Passion.

Read six origin stories to the femme fatale SISTERS OF SIN series by USA Today and bestselling romantic suspense authors Sofia Aves, T Wells Brown, D A Nelson, Lolo Paige, Michelle Ventura, and S C Principale in one stunning volume.